1. Guillaume Visinand
    born before 1570 in ?
    died ?
  2. Jean Visinand
    born before 1584 in ?
    died ?
  3. Estienne Visinand
    born 1-13-1610 in Corsier, Canton of Vaud, SWITZERLAND
    died ?
  4. Francois "Franz" Visinand
    born 1-18-1647 in Corsier, Canton of Vaud, SWITZERLAND
    died ?
  5. Philip Peter Visinand
    born 4-10-1684 in Heilsbruck, Edenkoben, GERMANY
    died c. 1744 in Old Lancaster, PA, USA
  6. Johann Adam Whisenhunt (last name originally Visinand)
    born 9-3-1719 in Hassloch, Edenkoben, GERMANY
    died 4-11-1784 in Lincoln County, NC
  7. Philip Whisenhunt
    born c. 1736 in Lancaster County, PA
    died c. 1791 in Lincoln County, NC
  8. Adam Whisnant (last name originally Whisenhunt)
    born c. 1769 in North Carolina
    died c. 1857 in Cleveland County, NC
  9. David Whisnant
    born 4-17-1800 in North Carolina
    died 8-24-1879 in Cleveland County, NC
  10. George M. Whisnant
    born c. 1824 in Cleveland County, NC
    died 1-3-1861 in Cleveland County, NC
  11. David Courtsworth Whisnant
    born 9-18-1851 in Cleveland County, NC
    died 8-5-1926 in Kinmundy, IL
  12. George March Whisnant
    born 9-11-1886 in Kinmundy, IL
    died 5-25-1949 in Urbana, IL
  13. Lewis Edwin Whisnant
    born 4-29-1921 in Decatur, IL
    died 11-4-1994 in Chesterfield, MO
  14. Kerry Lewis Whisnant
    born 5-31-1955 in Decatur, IL
    Currently resides in Ames, IA

Information on generations 1 through 9 was obtained from the book Whisnants Through the Ages by Raymond C. Whisnant, which contains a wealth of other data on the Whisnant geneology. Information on generations 10 through 12 was obtained from the Whisnant Family Tree compiled by W. Dale Whisnant. For other interesting information see also the Whisnant Family Home Page, maintained by Raymond C. Whisnant.

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